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Why is it so hard to find job?

Candidate sourcing and screening is the most critical aspect of the recruitment cycle. An organization may have dedicated recruiters to perform this activity or may choose to outsource to 3rd party recruitment agency. But recruitment agencies or in-house recruiters often struggle for candidate sourcing and screening.

Complicated workflow, mostly manual work

The entire process requires a lot of emails and excel sheets and there is significant information loss across the entire workflow.

This is how the current process works. We have identified key bottlenecks across the entire value chain.

Because of this, recruiters are spending a lot of time in finding the right candidate. Candidate Searching takes 45% of entire recruitment effort. Even searching applicants is an ardent task.

Few may also outsource it to agencies. However, the challenge in this process seems to be never-ending—mapping the skillsets required in JD to that of candidates from a list of hundreds, if not thousands. Be it recruitment portals or ATS; keywords are the most helpful tool to carry out candidate sourcing.

Application Tracking Systems (ATS) may have been part of the problem, producing negative experience for both candidates and recruiters.

How do recruitment agencies find candidates?

Finding the right candidate for a job post can be a challenging task for recruiters. It is essential to source top talents while saving recruitment time, effort, and cost. Fortunately, there are several sourcing tools available where recruiters find candidates.

LinkedIn Recruiter as recruitment sourcing tool

LinkedIn Recruiter is a powerful sourcing tool for recruiters. It is one of the best talent sourcing tool. It provides access to LinkedIn's vast network of professionals and allows recruiters to search for the best candidates based on specific criteria. With LinkedIn Recruiter, recruiters can easily connect with potential candidates, learn more about them, and develop relationships to set them up as a long-term hiring pipeline. Using LinkedIn to find employees is one of the best ways to hire top talent.

While LinkedIn offers millions of resumes, the identification of suitable candidate requires significant manual efforts. Pricing is another key factor considering LinkedIn Recruiter may not be applicable for SMB companies.

What happens when you apply for jobs in Job Boards or upload your resume in Job sites?

Dice, Indeed, ZipRecruiter are resume sourcing platform that offers more than just traditional job posting and resume databases. They are an excellent candidate sourcing tool for tech positions, and recruiters use it for its features such as career fairs, webinars, and social recruiting. They are one of the best sourcing websites for recruiters, which comes along with candidate search tools.

However, they are also keyword centric resume search and do not offer excellent match. Recruiters have to understand and know how to use boolean search to identify the right candidate. A recruiter for tech jobs needs to understand that "micro services" and "microservices" are synonymous. Also, there is subtle difference between Python developer and NLP developer.

The real problem - Too many resumes per job posting!

As you could see, there are more applicants per job posting in LinkedIn. It becomes very difficult for recruiter to screen through resumes to identify the best candidates.

Solution - Candidates have to be hyper-personalized in their job search process.

The traditional spray and pray approach do not work anymore.

This shotgun approach might seem efficient, but it often backfires. Employers are looking for candidates who not only possess the required skills but also show genuine interest in the company and the specific role. By sending a generic resume to all, applicants miss the opportunity to highlight how their unique abilities align with the particular needs of each job. This lack of personalization can lead to the resume being overlooked, prolonging the job search and leading to frustration.

1. Lack of Personal Connection:

When you submit a generalized resume without tailoring it to the particular role, you miss the chance to connect with the employer. Recruiters often look for clues that indicate a candidate's genuine interest in their company and the specific role. By using a one-size-fits-all resume, applicants send the message that they are interested in a job, any job, rather than the job. This lack of personal connection can easily result in the resume being discarded in favor of other candidates who have taken the time to craft targeted applications.

2. Missing the Mark on Skills and Experience:

Different roles require different skills and experiences, even within the same industry. By using a generic resume, you may fail to emphasize the specific skills, qualifications, and experiences that make you the perfect fit for a particular position. As a result, your resume might not pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that look for specific keywords related to the job, or it may be overlooked by human recruiters who don't see the unique value you could bring to that specific role.

3. Decreased Interview Chances:

Recruiters are adept at spotting generic resumes. When they see one, they are less likely to consider the applicant for an interview. A personalized resume shows that you have taken the time to research the company, understand its values, and are interested in contributing to its success. By not taking this step, you are not only reducing your chances of getting an interview but also missing the opportunity to prepare for potential interview questions related to the company's culture and mission.

4. Prolonging the Job Search Process:

While it might seem like sending the same resume to hundreds of employers would save time, this strategy often prolongs the job search process. The lack of success in receiving interview invitations can lead to frustration and disillusionment. Moreover, by not focusing on roles that genuinely align with your skills and career goals, you may miss out on opportunities that are the right fit for you, thus extending your job search unnecessarily.

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