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Overwhelmed by job applicants? We can help!

Struggling to choose the best candidate out of a large pool of applicants? 

Finding the right fit among countless resumes can be time-consuming. 

We make it easy for you to find the best candidates by ranking resumes based on how well they fit the job description. 

Simply upload resumes, job descriptions and let our AI rank the resumes based on fitment with job role.

Powered by Google Gemini


Make sure requirements are detailed.


Zip all your resumes and upload to the app.


iRekommend will automatically analyze the resume, stack rank the resume based on the fitment 

How it Works

Process multiple job applications in minutes

In under 4 hours, a recruiter can identify and finalize candidates for 10+ job roles, processing more 500+ candidates

Case Study


Product Demo

Let us chat, if this demo interests you.

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